Current projects

  • FUI 25 IDIOM (2018-2020), Integrated Device I/O Monitor
  • FUI 23 EFIGI (2017-2020), EFfIcient future and nEw Generation vIdeo coding
  • Falcon - IRT b<>com(2017-2020): Sharing spare cloud resources through the block-chain

Past projects

  • PHC Tassili GHEEMaS (2016-2019): A Green and Highly Efficient and Evolutionary data and storage Management System for Cloud Data Base as a Service
  •  Orange project (2015-2018): Cloud Storage for the IoT, a Content-centric Approach for Consistency and Performance Optimization
  • FLASHBaD – KoDe/Koeus (2015-2018) : Optimizing a High peformance Database for flash based storage systems
  • INDEED - IRT b<>com(2013-2016): Toward  a Green Distributed Cloud Infrastructure
  • ANR Open PEOPLE (2011-2012) : Open-Power and Energy Optimization PLatform and Estimator
  • Think FPGA (2010-2011):  A Component Based Approach (THINK) for RTOS optimization on reconfigurable FPGA architectures
  • XanKom Project (2009-2010): Porting Embedded Linux on router board
  • FP6 MORPHEUS (2007-2008): Multipurpose Dynamically Reconfigurable Platform for Intensive and Flexible Heterogeneous Processing: A technology breakthrough for Embedded Computing